Rev. Carl's Value Proposition.

Equipping on Vision

Allow me to assist you to discover the passion and purpose for your life and then implement it through a well designed plan.

Equipping on Strategy

Identify and find a distinct view of what a strategy is in order to formulate a proactive strategy to bring your vision to fruition.

Equipping on Leadership

Cultivate the qualities that will manifest a driven, unbound leader that fosters the culture of being cohesive within your organization.      

Equipping on Teamwork

Identify weaknesses within your team and discover the benefits of being in a team.  

What people think of Carl Hendricks

I find the ONE TEAM ONE DREAM Companion Workbook strikingly pow­erful and enormously practical for any person in a leadership position it is easy to understand and to implement in any team or organisational context.

In ONE TEAM ONE DREAM, Rev Carl Hendricks unveils an undeniable vital formula to building strong companies, organization’s and churches. A book laden with profound and practical teachings, suitable for the boardroom, training cen­tres, team building and workshop’s. This manual is loaded with key strategies to ignite a winning team mentality.

I recommend this book to you because I know that Carl Hendricks is an expert that is able to help you and your team blossom, flower, and go well beyond your stated goals. His insights were amazing and I believe that as you read this book, whether you are a business, church, non-profit, or just a family trying to work together better to achieve goals as a team, this book will help you.

Leaders need to be cognisant of the interplay between two key elements – the dream and the team. Without a team, the dream cannot be accomplished. Like¬wise, you can have the best team but if they are not inspired by a dream, their efforts will go to waste. Rev Carl gives us a timeous wake up call in this well crafted narrative, especially in our day and age where self interest reigns supreme. A must read for every astute leader who wants to make an intergenerational impact.