Carl-HendricksReverend Carl. J. Hendricks is a successful and charismatic family man, businessman, international speaker, visionary and the senior pastor of Crystal Church based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has been in ministry for over 23 years, and in this time, has established and led diverse and dynamic teams across both ministry and business.

A bold decision-maker and a tenacious character, Reverend Carl is an energetic and motivational leader of 30 teams in a growing ministry that serves 4,000 people, across several provinces, representing a diverse congregation from different socio-economic backgrounds.

Never pleased with the status quo and continuously and relentlessly challenging mediocrity, Reverend Carl has used innovative ways to deal with age old and modern-day challenges. These qualities have seen him branded as unconventional and sometimes peculiar in his approach to solving problems and embracing opportunities.

Among his greatest challenges and achievements is the development of functional teams in support of his successful Ministry’s inspiring vision. For over two decades, these experiences have led him to formulating guidelines on how to develop and maintain winning teams.