Continuous Learning

Have you ever come across someone who revels at the opportunity to share a fact, or learn a new “life hack”? These people are more than likely continuous learners.

What is Continuous Learning?

Continuous Learning is the willingness to keep on learning. When there is no learning, there is no growth.

Continuous Learning in Leadership

As a leader, the more you learn, the more value you can add. This same rule applies to your team members too. It is important that your team understands that learning is important to you, so that they feel motivated to continue learning. A good leader does not ask the question, “What will I get out of this employee?” A good leader asks the question, “How can I develop this employee into a beneficial team member?”.

How do I go about Continuous Learning?

In order to be a Continuous Learner, you need to have a beginner’s mindset. You need to be constantly looking for one new bit of information. It is important to be flexible and adaptable, as learning requires change. Continuous learners are continuously curious. They always have a need to know something new. The most important question for a curious person, is “why?”. You also need to be willing to learn in multiple ways.

As our series, Surround Yourself With The Best People, comes to a close, I would love to remind you to always continue learning. You can never know too much, and your team will always benefit by learning something new.

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